FAQ - General

Vivyo is an online platform for photographers using which they can set up their photography websites within minutes. Vivyo websites come with integrated e-commerce, social media & client collaboration features. You can read the features in detail here.
Currently we are offering following three plans:
  • Basic: Rs. 6000/- per year (We are currently offering a 50% limited period discount).
  • Plus: Rs. 9000/- p.a.
  • Pro Plus: Rs. 12500/- p.a.
You can see the comparison of different plans here.
Yes, you can try Vivyo free for 14 days. No credit card details are required and all features are included in this free trial plan. For e-commerce, you can experience setting up shopping cart, products and prices in your account but actual e-commerce transactions are not enabled.
The charges explained above are for Vivyo subscription plans. Beyond this, if any e-commerce transaction happens on your website then there are additional transaction charges applicable. Canvera will be charging a transaction charge of 15% on your profit margin. Example: If your customer buys a print worth Rs. 100/- and Canvera printing cost out of this is Rs. 10/-. The e-commerce transaction charge in this case will be 15% of Rs. 90/- (Overall transaction - Printing Cost).
Your share of revenue will be transferred back to your account on a fortnightly or monthly based on your preference.

FAQ - Site Setup

Vivyo offers a collection of beautiful themes especially designed keeping photography websites in mind. Apart from these, you can also get a custom theme developed as per your choice. If you already have a design done for your website, we can also try to replicate the same (if elements are supported by Vivyo). For all custom themes, additional charges apply.
If you go for pre-designed themes, then same theme may be selected by other photographers. But in case of exclusive custom designing, your theme will be available only to your website. For exclusive themes, additional charges would be applicable.
You can either go for name.canvera.com or name.com. If you go for custom domain i.e., name.com, then there will be additional charges based on actual cost of your domain purchase plus Rs. 500 as set up fee by Canvera. On all Vivyo websites, the Canvera Logo will be present on the footer section to signify that the website is powered by Canvera.
Storage space depends upon your plan type:
  • Basic: 10 GB
  • Pro: 25 GB
  • Pro Plus: 50 GB
If you exceed your allotted quota of storage space, you can always buy additional storage space (See pricing for additional storage below). Please note, your space will be counted with the high resolution images which you will give for storage and not the compressed images which you will give for website upload.
  • 10 GB: Rs. 1000 p.a
  • 25 GB: Rs. 2250 p.a
  • 50 GB: Rs. 4000 p.a
Currently we do not offer APIs to enable modular integration. You can either pass on the access to your whole website to Canvera or create a sub-domain and redirect it to your Canvera Vivyo page. In either of the case, you will have to take an actual website hosted with Canvera.
As of now, we only have web-uploader available. For uploads that exceed 10 GB in size, you may send the files on DVD/Hard Drive or via FTP to Canvera.
Yes. Once your clients have selected the images, you can send an email to vivyosupport@canvera.com and we can transfer the selected images to our design team.
In your Vivyo dashboard, you will get to see the details of all orders placed on your website along with the status of your orders. All back end work will be taken care by Canvera and the orders will be shipped to customer's shipping address. Customers will have to pay for the shipment charges while placing their orders.

FAQ - Content management

A theme once selected will be applicable to your website throughout your subscription duration. You can get your theme changed during upgrade or renewal of your subscription plan. To get your theme changed, please write to vivyosupport@canvera.com
Images and Galleries can be added or changed any time and the changes reflect immediately. However some content like text widgets, social media icons and logos etc. will require you to re-publish your site.
As of now, we don't allow changes in a pre designed theme. If you have any specific design change requirement, email us at vivyo@canvera.com. (Additional charges may apply)
You can upload image of size upto 10 MB each.
As of now, we support only JPEG format for images.
You can enable or disable any page that is included as a part of your theme (except the home page). It is possible to add new custom pages to your site, but additional design charges will be applicable.

Still have a question? Write to us at vivyo@canvera.com.

Wondering how to set up your site? Check out our online DEMO VIDEO.